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Paths of the Province

Tourism revolving in various ways around nature is in continuous growth,
no longer a niche activity, it has now become a widespread  form of tourism.

‘Green’ or ‘active’ tourism is a type of tourism that is all about rediscovering a territory and its features, and tourists want to participate ‘actively’ in local traditions and activities. Nature-related tourism is currently growing in popularity, and has gone from being a niche activity to a truly widespread phenomenon.

The area boasts an extensive network of trails and historic steps that connect the sea, hills and city to the surrounding protected areas. The network itself is part of a strategic environmental infrastructure, and is vital to the creation of sustainable development policies that can both favour tourist use and enjoyment of the hills, while preserving an area that is subject to natural risks (especially hydrogeological), without neglecting existing historical, architectural and environmental features.

There are many paths that run through the province and extend for several hundred kilometres. They can be divided into four main groups:
1) High Liguria Mountain Route (Alta via dei monti Liguri)
2) High Gulf Route (Alta via del Golfo)
3) Cinque Terre Paths (Sentieri delle Cinque Terre)
4) Via Francigena

Each of these 4 groups has its own unique features, allowing tourists to explore, observe and discover the most outstanding and attractive aspects of the area from different perspectives.