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Maritime Tourism

The sea and its majesty are undoubtedly a major asset and attraction, around which several plans have been developed to strengthen local identity, tradition and culture.

The rediscovery of La Spezia’s seafaring roots has ensured the impressive evolution of marine tourism in the area, in terms of both tourism options and economic growth, which has been managed with a specific focus on environmental sustainability. The history and culture of the sea are, after all, an important element of La Spezia’s identity, and the city considers the sea a strategic component of its development.

Local marine tourism has emerged and become known through several sea-related activities, from those directly related to tourism to those indirectly connected to marine culture in general. This form of tourism offers several activities, which make it accessible and diverse; a holiday can be tailored to different demographics, and the infrastructure has been growing both in size and the number of services offered.


Here, marine tourism has not followed the traditional route of developing around beaches and seaside resorts, as the only beaches that allow swimming in the area are located in Tramonti and cannot be accessed easily. Instead, other activities have emerged, including yachting, cruises, sea-based sports and leisure.