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La Spezia’s beaches

Evocative landscapes
where nature remains unspoiled and the sea is crystal clear.

Of all the attractions in the local area, most tourists visit for the beaches. Given the diversity of the coastline around La Spezia, its beaches have many different features and therefore can meet the needs of several types of tourist, from nature lovers to those who enjoy relaxing on serviced beaches.

La Spezia’s western coastline is very steep and rugged and its long breakwater is close to the sea. Beaches are mostly rocky and pebbled, although there are sandy spots to be found in Levanto and Monterosso.


This area’s most distinct features are the small coves that can be seen as you arrive from the sea or along the most hidden paths of the Cinque Terre park. There, you will find an evocative landscape where nature remains unspoiled and the sea is crystal clear.

Amongst the several, small, untouched coves, it is worth remembering those found in the 7km stretch of coast around Tramonti, at the end of Cinque Terre near La Spezia. The coast here is very jagged and characterised by a succession of promontories, rocks and small gulfs. The area is less well-known to tourists than the rest of Cinque Terre because it is much harder to access, but has incredible natural features and beautiful landscapes.

The East coast


In contrast, La Spezia’s eastern coastline comprises of a continuous stretch of long sandy beaches that start in the Caprione promontory, in Ameglia, and continue for many kilometres into Tuscany. In the area, there are many beach resorts and free, serviced beaches.

Last but by no means least, we must mention the beach at Punta Corvo, located at the foot of the picturesque town of Montemarcello, which Legambiente recognised by awarding it the honour of one of Italy’s 11 most attractive beaches.

The beach can only be reached from the sea or via a steep path that begins in Montemarcello. It is made of material from landslides, and the sand is dark grey because it originates from the surrounding rocks of the same colour.