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Val di Vara

The Vara Valley (Val di Vara) is the largest valley in Liguria, located in the north-east of the province of La Spezia.

The valley is characterised by an extremely varied and picturesque landscape, a diverse forest canopy and many historical towns. Unlike other valleys in Liguria, the mid and upper Vara Valley has not been affected by either the environmental degradation brought about by mass industrialisation, or the ‘invasion’ of architectural elements foreign to the local culture;  this has partially happened in the lower valley, however, where the influence of the nearby city is stronger.

In addition to the aforementioned landscape diversity, the differences between settlements are also very relevant. The Vara Valley is divided into two mountain communities: mid and low valley and upper valley, and there are both historical and geographical reasons behind this division.

Sesta Godano, Varese Ligure, Brugnato and Calice al Cornoviglio are just a few of the valley’s attractive towns: unforgettable places where you can take a break from the daily stress of city life.